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GUTTER FIGHTING - CQB is a complete method of  Close-Quarters Combat, and NOT just another “Self-Defense System".  It’s a MINDSET combined with the most effective strategies, tactics and techniques that have been time tested in the STREETS of Shanghai, China to the BATTLEFIELDS of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, to current fight on the GWOT. 
We train for REAL WORLD conditions and situations to better help you survive.

Our methods are highly effective, and practical - but simple in nature because they’re based on how the human body reacts to severe STRESS in combat situations in the form of the (SNS) Sympathetic Nervous System & (GBM) Gross Body Movement. Our MINDSET & ATTITUDE is one of combative superiority, with a focus on AWARENESS of our surroundings and being OFFENSIVE in nature, rather than defensive, which is a loosing proposition, WARS, both on the Battlefield and in the STREET are won by the elements laid out by W.E. Fairbairn over 60 years ago, "Vehemence, Artifice, Shock & Force", very similar to today's Military & SWAT motto of (CQB) Speed, Surprise & Violence of Action!  You MUST understand that in COMBAT, there is the REACTIVE side and the PROACTIVE side. Either YOU start the shit or the other bastard starts the SHIT. Each requires a different SKILL-SET, and if you plan to SURVIVE you had BETTER understand BOTH and be able to DEAL with BOTH!
This line of strategy and tactics applies to ANY weapon, as well as to unarmed combat.

We offer professional instruction and training in the authentic methods developed and taught both prior to and during WWII, by such legends as Lt. Col. William E. Fairbairn, Major Eric A. Sykes, Col. Rex Applegate, Dermot O'Neill, John Styers and many many others – with subtle changes as introduced & taught
by Carl Cestari, and Clint Sporman, based on there Real World Experiences!

If you’re looking for a Martial Art that’s rich in culture, tradition and spiritual enlightenment –
you’ve come to the wrong place.

We offer professional instruction that is second to none! Our approach to Close-Quarters Combat is rational, effective and reliable.  Our knowledge, experience and training methods are unparalleled. 
DOING is what we specialize in; talking is what “the others” do.

Gutter Fighting
Specializing in Extreme Close-Quarters Battle
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