Specializing in armed & unarmed close-quarters battle, active & static counter-knife measures, and combat pistolcraft with a special emphasis on law enforcement & military applications.

Sweden 2014 Gutterfighting-CQB Seminar

GUTTER FIGHTING – CQB is a complete method of Close-Quarters Combat, and not just another “Self-Defense System”. It’s a mindset combined with the most effective strategies, tactics and techniques that have been time tested from the streets of Shanghai, China to the battlefields of World War II, Korea, Vietnam, GWOT as well as street fights around the world.

We train for real world conditions and situations to better help you survive. The purpose of most mixed martial arts schools is to train students for competitions with an established framework of rules and regulations designed to minimize physically damaging the competitors and thus cause more harm than benefit in a street fight. Training for martial arts competitions intentionally hobble students by conditioning them to avoid using the very tactics necessary to succeed in a street fight .

Our methods are highly effective, and practical – yet natural and simple to execute because each is based on the human body’s reaction to the severe stress of combat via the (SNS) Sympathetic Nervous System & (GBM) Gross Body Movement.

Our mindset & attitude is one of combative superiority, with a focus on awareness of our surroundings and an understanding that offence is the only acceptable form of defense. Being defensive and simply waiting to be assaulted first is a losing proposition both on the Battlefield and in the street where encounters are won by the elements laid out by W.E. Fairbairn.

Over 60 years ago W.E. Fairbairn summed up his approach as “Vehemence, Artifice, Shock & Force”, which in modern lingo mean “swift and intense use of force to completely surprise and overpower an adversary misled by deception”. This is very similar to today’s Military & SWAT motto of (CQB) Speed, Surprise & Violence of Action!

To come out a winner, you must understand that in combat, there is the reactive side and the proactive side. Either you start the shit or the other bastard starts the shit. Each requires a different skill-set, and if you plan to survive then you better understand the nuances and tactics of both sides.

This line of strategy and tactics applies to any armed encounter, as well as to unarmed combat.

We offer professional instruction and training in the authentic methods developed and taught both prior to and during WWII, by such legends as Lt. Col. William E. Fairbairn, Major Eric A. Sykes, Col. Rex Applegate, Dermot O’Neill, John Styers and many others – with subtle changes and adjustments as introduced by Clint Sporman, based on his extensive background in law enforcement.

If you’re looking for a Martial Art steeped in history, with lot of incense and ceremony to help you reach spiritual enlightenment while rediscovering your inner child – you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you want to learn tactics to survive in the real world, then you will find exactly what you are looking for here. The improved self-confidence, higher self-esteem, and overall improved mood experienced by our students is not what we focus on but are merely the byproducts of the tactics we teach and live by.

We offer professional instructions that are second to none! Our approach to Close-Quarters Combat is rational, effective and reliable. Our knowledge, experience and training methods are proven and unsurpassed by other systems. Each year, Mr. Clint Sporman is personally invited to give training seminars to special units of the armed forces and police throughout the world.


Our methods are highly effecitve and practical – but simple in nature due to how the human body reacts to severe STRESS in combat situations.


Combative superiority, with a focus on AWARENESS of our surroundings and being OFFENSIVE in nature based on elements laid out by W.E. Fairbairn nearly 70 years ago.

What We Offer

Professional instruction that is second to none! Our approach to Close-Quarters Combat is rational, effective and reliable.  Our knowledge, experience and training methods are unparalleled. 

What We Don't Offer

If you’re looking for a martial art that’s rich in culture, tradition, and spiritual enlightenment, you’ve come to the wrong place.

DOING is what we specialize in; talking is what “the others” do.