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Learn Real World Close-Quarters Combat - Bergen County, NJ

Alongside Cestari, Sporman interviewed and received direct training from a wide 
variety of noted specialists in WWII Combatives which included:


Sporman continues this tradition of intensive training, research and development 
in the most tested and functional methods of Close-Quarters Battlecraft for survival in violent situations as they actually occur in the Real World.
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  • Lt. John Booth - OSS Maritime Unit Operational Swimmer Group 2 (OSS-USCG Frogman) (Interviewed)
  • Major-General John K. Singlaub - OSS, MAC-V-SOG, U.S. Army Special Forces. (Interviewed)
  • John Richter, former U.S.M.C. Office-in-Charge of Close-Combat who trained under USMC Close-Combat legend John Styers. 
        (Interview & Trained) 
  • Peter La Gana, Developer of the Vietnam Tomahawk (Interviewed) 
  • Col. Rex Applegate - Close-Combat Instructor to OSS & MITC (Interviewed) 
  • Charlie Nelson USMC hand to hand combat instructor and NYC “Self-Defense” Legend. 
      * (Many of Nelson’s top instructors were close friends, training partners             and students of  Mr. Cestari)
Peter Lagana – Creator of the Vietnam Tomahawk Cestari & Sporman 1997

Clint Sporman began training in 1992 with the foremost authority on WWII Close-Quarters Battle, and various other methods of Combat Martial Arts taught during this period, Carl Cestari. Sporman continued intensive systematic training in all aspects of armed & unarmed Close-Combat for the next fourteen years until Cestari's untimely passing in 2007. 
Prior to that time, Mr. Cestari designated Clint Sporman as his number one protégé, and his official successor upon his passing. This designation is unanimously recognized and supported by Carol Cestari, Cestari’s longtime cadre of instructors and closest friends.

Carl Cestari & Clint Sporman
2002 Kean University 
Carl Cestari & Clint Sporman with
Col. Rex Applegate 1998 
NRA Convention
L - R Clint Sporman,  Lt. John Booth - OSS Maritime Unit Operational Swimmer Group 2,  Carl Cestari & LaFool - 
Spy Museum - Washington, D.C. 2002
Cestari & Sporman in 1997 when he recieved his Shodan in 
*Nippon Goshindo Jujutsu
Clint Sporman with General John Singlaub
Spy Museum - Washington, D.C. 2002
L - R Carl Cestari,  OSS Operative Lt. John Booth (RIP) LaFool, Author Patrick O'Donnell & 
Clint Sporman.
Spy Museum - Washington, D.C. 2003