By: Carl Cestari

There has been some discussion concerning the aggressive forward drive, it's use and lack thereof.

What hasn't been fully addressed is the why.

Here are the reasons why this manuever is so all important.

This method of close combat is based wholly on aggression. Fairbairn fully emphasised that these are methods of ATTACK-OFFENSE and not DEFENSE. Lyle L. Shook in his 1968 manual on self-defense titled "ATTACK" put it quite well.........."You MUST carry the ATTACK to the ATTACKER".

The constant forward drive allows you to use full bodyweight and momentum behind each attacking method.

It forces the assailant off balance and into a "defensive" posture and attitude. It forces the assailant to move into unseen/unknown quarters, i.e. backwards. Obvious tactical advantage for you. You can see were you're going - he can't.

Fosters an aggressive offensive spirit! By the very nature of the physical movement you help develop the proper aggressive mind-set and offensive spirit.

You are more difficult to knock down or to take to the ground. This is NOT "sport", restricted by rules or parameters of constraint.

Is a "built in" hedge against multiple assailants. You are NOT a sitting duck. By constant aggressive movement, other assailants will be playing "catch up". Always having to adjust and set themselves against an ever moving target.

Allows for immediate "E & E". You are already in motion, so manuvering for escape and evasion tactics is far easier. It gets you out of "tight" confined spots.

For police and military personnel who are burdened with tactical loads this forward aggressive movement is an AID and not a hinderance to movement in a close quarters battle when weighed down with equipment.

A proven maxim of war - "always take ground".

The inclusion of the forward drive is perhaps the best method for seizing and maintaining the initiative in close combat. It is also almost always overlooked.


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