Clint Sporman

Clint Sporman began his training in Combatives in 1992, under Carl Cestari.

Carl Cestari was internationally recognized as one of the World’s foremost authorities on authentic WWII Close-Quarters Combat. Cestari’s system was based greatly on the methods taught by William E. Fairbairn & Eric A. Sykes, as well as his own personal experience.

Sporman continued intensive systematic training in all aspects of Close-Quarters Combat for the next fourteen years until Cestari’s untimely passing in 2007.  

Prior to his passing, Mr. Cestari designated Clint Sporman his sole protégé and his official successor.

Clint Sporman, March 2014

Pictured with the Fairbairn Smatchet

Carl Cestari & Clint Sporman, 1997

Sporman receiving his Black Belt (Shodan) in 

*Nippon Goshindo Jujutsu

Carl Cestari & Clint Sporman, 2002

Kean University Gutterfighting seminar

Clint Sporman, March 2014

Gutterfighting CQB Seminar, Sweden

Clint Sporman, March 2014

Law Enforcement CQB and Combat Pistolcraft training, Sweden

Clint Sporman, June 2005

Hostage Rescue/High Risk Warrant Course – Blackwater Training Center, Moyock, NC

Clint Sporman, June 2005

Post Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans, LA

Clint Sporman, June 2005

Post Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans, LA

Clint Sporman, November 2005

Assault Rifle Instructor Course, Fort Dix, NJ

Clint Sporman, June 2005

Acting as liason between Kean University Police and Secret Service Detail for President Clinton and Governor Corzine.

Clint Sporman, June 2005

Pictured with President Bill Clinton and John Corzine.

Alongside Cestari, Sporman interviewed and received direct training from a wide variety of noted specialists in WWII Combatives which include:

Col. Rex Applegate

Close-Combat Instructor to OSS & MITC (Interviewed) 

Charlie Nelson
USMC hand to hand combat instructor and NYC “Self-Defense” Legend. 

* (Many of Nelson’s top instructors were close friends, training partners, and students of Mr. Cestari)

Lt. John Booth

OSS Maritime Unit Operational Swimmer Group 2 (OSS-USCG Frogman) (Interviewed)

Major-General John K. Singlaub

OSS, MAC-V-SOG, U.S. Army Special Forces. (Interviewed)

Peter LaGana

Developer of the Vietnam Tomahawk (Interviewed) 

Jim Ingram

Pentjak Silat Seminar 1997/1998

John Richter

U.S.M.C. Office-in-Charge of Close-Combat who trained under USMC Close-Combat legend John Styers. 

Scott Sonnon

R.O.S.S. Seminar 1997/1998